General Dentistry


Crowns are a strong, beautiful restorative dentistry treatment that perfects the overall aesthetics of your smile. Dental crown patients are often looking to restore their tooth structure, or replace old or missing fillings.



Fillings replace areas of the tooth that have been worn due to decay. The composite material used resembles your natural teeth, and this material is extremely strong and durable. Fillings can last for years when coupled with a smart oral hygiene regimen!


 Bonding involves filling the teeth with a resin that restores damaged and worn teeth, and is used mainly for highly advanced tooth decay. This material is hardened onto the tooth with a high intensity lamp, and is very durable. Bonding patients typically want to fix flaws in their smile, or improve the overall look of their teeth in a simple and effective way.


Gum Treatment

 When left untreated, tooth decay can develop into gum disease, formally known as periodontis. At Caring Dentistry, our team has several different treatments that remove plaque from your teeth and gums and stop tooth decay in its tracks. Gum disease is also a great lesson in why routine dental exams and hygiene appointments are so vital – when caught early on, gum disease is rather easy to treat. When left unnoticed, you put your smile at serious risk.


Tooth Extraction

 Sometimes, when a tooth is severely fractured or damaged from decay, an extraction is necessary. Surgical extraction may be necessary for patients who will require orthodontic work, have their wisdom tooth, or have a tooth that inhibits the growth of another tooth.


Restorative Services

 Dentures and partial dentures are among today’s most common restorative dentistry procedures. The best solution varies from patient to patient, but you can have full peace of mind knowing that the team of veteran dentists at Caring Dentistry has years of experience in restorative dentistry treatments, and always leaves patients with the best possible result.


Dental Hygiene

 The most important aspect of dental hygiene appointments is that they give your dentist the opportunity to identify minor oral health concerns before they become serious complications. In addition, they give you the opportunity to consult with your dentist on proper brushing and flossing technique, allowing you to leave fully equipped to maintain your beautiful smile!